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Aug 2018

Cultivate success through leadership culture

Portfolios and a large project are in a dire situation; unable to meet objectives due to a plethora of issues such as cost or schedule overruns, excessive changes to the defined scope or poor qualities of the end products or services which results in lowering the morale of beneficiaries and all other project stakeholders. In short, they failed to realize substantial benefits. This unfortunate state is not only existed in under-developed or developing countries, but it is also a significant challenge to the big economies of the world owing to widened talent gap; most common reason for such negative sufferings of projects in the public and private sector.

By Rana Adeel Akbar


Jan 2018

Growth-DNA – How?

In developing countries, the excellence of delivery of skills related to leadership, growth and agile learning and development not yet achieved due to higher rates by the training providers, restriction on accessibility due to visa issues and individuals not counting growth-related goals in their aims such as monetary benefits, titles and social status. If governments, companies, leaders invest their resources in the right direction they will be able to bridge the learning divide and providing personal and leadership growth to the professionals, companies and communities in order to obtain entries on the positive side of the success ledger.

By Rana Adeel Akbar


Dec 2018

Adopting Growth Journey

To nurture the leadership spirit and characters within oneself or company, a proper scientific approach should be adopted. That necessitates appropriate growth strategy and long-term determination. In North America & Europe, along with other flourishing countries, leadership capacities advanced so much that general recognition is there for an effective well-defined curriculum with the help of growth psychologists, influential coaches and business leaders.
Emerging leaders and companies are getting more growth-centric instead of focusing on just technical abilities.

By Rana Adeel Akbar